Most powerful 12v electric winch review | Superwinch

Most powerful 12v electric winch review | Superwinch

Superwinch is a highly reputed company for making best winch .They are building winches for the next generation off-roaders, trailers, tow rigs, tactical vehicles.  If it needs a strong pulling, you’ve come to the right place.

The Superwinch UT3000 can be permanently mounted or used as a portable winch with optional quick-connect wiring and mounting kits. Full metal planetary gear train provides strong yet quiet operation. Several additional features, including dynamic braking, circuit breaker and low amp draw system, ensure big performance at a surprisingly affordable price. The UT3000 is a very powerful and easy to use winch suitable for light occasional use in many applications, but especially suited to small trailers.

Superwinch UT3000 12V Electric Winch Review:

Superwinch UT3000 Series Winch powers load in and out ensuring high efficiency winching. Equipped with full metal differential planetary gear train this crane winch is easy to handle. It also includes pull and turn freespooling clutch and high-efficiency, low-amp permanent magnet motor. Circuit breaker protector, 4-way roller fairlead, removable clevis pinned latched hook with rope thimble and mounting plate makes it a completely dependable winch. This winch is backed by a one year limited warranty.

Just as easily permanently mounted as used as a portable winch, the Superwinch UT3000 is tailor-made for most any utility use. The UT3000 contains 40 feet of durable wire winch rope and an efficient 1.2 hp 12V motor featuring a 3,000 lb pull rating, a full metal differential planetary gear train, a pull and turn free spooling clutch, wired remote operation, included 4-way roller fairlead and mounting plate and a one-year limited warranty. Combine these features with the UT3000’s affordable price and you have an ideal winch for light to medium scenarios, whether recreation and work-related.

The All-around Utility Winch You Need:

The Superwinch UT3000 is a lightweight utility winch that can be used as either a portable tool or can be permanently mounted using the included two-bolt pattern mounting plate. Its efficient low draw 1.2 hp PM motor easily attaches to and is powered by, your car battery or an auxiliary 12-volt battery if used away from your vehicle.

The motor features a 3,000 LB line pull rating, circuit breaker protection, both load in and load out drum rotation for mechanized movement of winch rope, a full metal differential planetary gearbox and an accessible pull and turn free spooling clutch allowing users to quickly disengage the motor and manually draw out as much winch rope as needed, at any time.

In addition, as safety is an important consideration with any piece of machinery, the Superwinch UT3000 winch features a wealth of valuable safety features. These include bi-directional dynamic braking to minimize the possibility of winch rope slippage in the event of power failure or surge and to provide quick stopping of the drum, a weather sealed solenoid to ensure safe, reliable, electromagnetic power in all weather conditions and a rubberized remote switch with a 12-foot extension cable, allowing for safe distances between the user and winch in all situations.




Superwinch UT3000 dimensions

Main Features – Superwinch UT3000:

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  • Rubber handheld remote with 12′ cord for safety in use
  • 2 hp (0.9 kw) PM motor, with a 3,000 LB pull rating, 40′ of 3/16″ wire rope with the ability to power load in and out.
  • Full metal differential planetary gear train, with pull and turn free spooling clutch, the gear ratio of 153:1 and dynamic braking.
  • Weather-sealed solenoid and circuit breaker protection.
  • Removable clevis pinned with a latched hook with rope thimble and standard 4-way roller fairlead that attaches to included mounting plate.



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Rated line pull:  3,000 LB (1,361 kg) bottom layer

Motor:  1.2 hp (0.9kW) PM Motor, 12V DC

Gearing: Differential planetary

Gear ratio: 153:1

Braking: Dynamic

Freespool clutch: Pull and turn

Wire rope: 40′ x 3/16″ (12.0m 4.8mm)

Dimensions: 12.0″; l. x 7.5″; d. x 7.0″; h. (304.8mm l. x 190.5mm d. x 177.8mm h.)

Mounting bolt pattern: 2 hole, 3.1″ (79.3mm), 2x .0.34″ (80.94mm)

Installed weight: 19.5 LB (8.84 kg) winch, rope, RF & Mountplate

Ship Weight: 22.3 LB (10.1 kg)

Fairlead: Standard, 4-way

Color-coated wiring:   Yes

Switching method: Handheld remote, 12′ lead (3.6m), Switching mechanism Weatherproof, dual-current relays.



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  • Wired Hand Control: 3.6m Hand Control
  • Fairlead: Includes 4-Way Roller Fairlead
  • Mounting Bolts: Included for Standard installations
  • Wireless Control: Not Available
  • Mounting Plate: Included for standard installations




Superwinch 12v electric winch Accessories



Box Includes:

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  • Handsaver Strap
  • Instruction Manual



Pros and Cons:

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  • Has a rubber handles remote control with a 12-inch lead cable
  • The winch can power loads coming in and out
  • The solenoid is weather sealed and has a circuit breaker protection

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  • The spool has a delayed response to the switch
  • The braking system at times unwinds when under load





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