X-BULL 12V Electric Winch with Synthetic Rope | 13000 lb Load Capacity



If you are looking for a very powerful electric winch that has all of the features that you need, you may want to consider the X-BULL 12V Electric Winch. And all the options and information provided to you below. Each of the features you may be looking for.

However, before you make your decision, you should review each to see this which will fit your needs and requirements. So, you should also look closely at what is being written about best winch and its features, pros and the cons of that have been listed.


Why you choose x-bull winch?

X-Bull is an Australian company focused on 4×4 parts like winches, recovery kits and recovery tracks; but they also offer tire repair equipment, wheel weights, tire valves, air tools, wheel nuts and wheel spacers.X-Bull was born 8 years ago when they are discovered a slow increase in the price of 4wd parts, our answer to this problem was creating a company that could effectively provide jeep lovers quality products for affordable price, that’s why their motto is “Affordable Toughness”; and also the answer to the increasing house prices and overall cost of life in big cities that might affect the joy of off-roading.

In addition, they are don’t want that you, customer and friend, will renounce to your passions, they are here to offer you affordable toughness, so you can enjoy their passions, because your passions are their business.In this 8 years they grew and expanded, even internationally, they have two warehouses in Australia, two in the USA and now one in Spain.The X-Bull company wants to keep a close relationship with their customers and they offer a down-to-earth approach for customer service, if you have any problem do not hesitate to contact with the company, they’ll answer ASAP.

X-BULL 12V Electric Winch with Synthetic Rope 13000 lb with car

Features of X-BULL 12V Electric Winch :

  • 26 Meters Blue Colour DYNEEMA Synthetic Rope.
  • Super Big Power: 4.6KW
  • Bonus Two Wireless Remote Controllers + One Hand Controller
  • Free Spooling Clutch for Fast Rope Pull out
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Contactor
  • Heavy Duty Alloy Hawse Fairlead
  • Three-stage Planetary Gear System
  • Automatic Load-Holding
  • Commercial One Year Warranty

Specification of X-BULL 12V Electric Winch :

  • Three-stage Planetary Gear System
  • Super Big Power
  • Power In & Power Out Motor for Positive Load Control
  • Automatic Load-Holding
  • Braker for Maximum Safely
  • High Tensile Synthetic Cable
  • Free Spooling Clutch for Fast Wire Rope Payout
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Contactor
  • Wire/Wireless Remote Control
  • Model for Easy Operation
  • Alloy Hawse Fairlead

Advantages of Dyneema rope:

  • The weight of the Dyneema rope is 1/10 of the weight of the steel rope, which reduces the weight of the winch by about 20 pounds.
  • The strength of the Dyneema rope is 10 times that of the steel rope.
  • Dyneema rope has good resistance to bending fatigue, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, UV protection and chemical resistance.
  • Dyneema rope is safer than steel,when the rope breaks.







Advantages of Dyneema rope

Box Includes:

  • 13000LBS DC 12V Winch × 1
  • Clevis Hook × 1
  • et of Bolts × 1
  • Set of Wire Cables × 1
  • Control Box × 1
  • Wireless Remote Controller × 2
  • Hand Remote Controller × 1
  • User Manual × 1



Specification X-BULL 12V Electric Winch with Synthetic Rope 13000 lb


13,000 lbs Capacity: With a pulling capacity of 13,000 lbs, the X-BULL winch is definitely more than capable of tackling medium to heavy vehicles like jeep, truck and other big giants.

Dyneema Synthetic Cable: This winch offers Dyneema synthetic cable and you’ll get about 85.3 ft(26 m) of it. Dyneema is one of the strongest & lightest fiber in the world. It is 10 times stronger than steel yet 10 times lighter than steel. This cable is even capable of stoping bullets(insane!).

This Dyneema cable floats on water and it’s water resistant. It’s chemically inert, means almost any chemical can’t do any harm to it. It’s bending fatigue resistant, abrasion resistant & UV resistant.

Apart from these, this winch offers a three-stage planetary gear system that means it can transfer three times more the torque for a very similar sized fixed axis gear system.  Its automatic load-holding feature ensures max safety.

It has a free-spooling clutch for fast wire rope payout. Its alloy hawse fairlead allows smooth rope operation while protecting synthetic ropes against damage. This winch has a sealed motor for weather protection(that’s very important).

What’s unique about the X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch is that this winch comes with 2 wireless remote controllers. An extra remote will give you some extra facilities to control the winch



  1. Please read the instructions carefully and wire according to the instructions. Winches are electrical products that can cause short circuits and heat or smoke if wiring is wrong.
  2. We suggest that you find a professional to install. If there are any problems on the installation, please feel free to consult at any time.


Additional Items:

  • Bonus Two Wireless Remote Controllers + One Hand Controller
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant Automatic load – holding braker for maximum safety
  • 26 metres DYNEEMA SYNTHETIC cable
  • Power in and power out for positive load control

Pros and Cons:

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Great pulling load.
  • Remote control(3 remotes).
  • Fairlead and a free spooling lever action clutch.
  • 3-stage planetary gear, Sealed Motor.
  • Great customer support.

  • It doesn’t look premium.



Unboxing and Assembly Video for X-BULL 13000 lb Electric Winch:

How to Assembly X-BULL 13000 lb. 12V Electric Winch | Unboxing and Assembly

Unboxing of the X-Bull 13,000lb winch, cradle mounting bracket and recovery kit. Bonus Two Wireless Remote Controllers + One Hand Controller. Waterproof and corrosion resistant. Holding braker for maximum safety. 26 metres DYNEEMA SYNTHETIC cable. Power in and power out for positive load control




Frequently Ask Questions About X-Bull Electric Winch 13000 Ib:

Question: Does it come with wireless remote control and wired? Answer: It comes with 2PCS wireless remote control and synthetic rope, hawse fairlead, hook, and other accessories.

Question: Is the synthetic rope also 13000lbs? Also, is the fairlead the normal 10″ from bolt to bolt to fit a JK bumper?

Answer: The synthetic rope is more than 13000lbs. The fairlead the normal 10″ from bolt to is to fit a JK bumper.

Question: Will the bolt pattern fir standard winch plate installed on an 05 wrangler with stock front bumper? Answer: Yes.

Question: What is the range of the wireless remote? Answer: At least 20 feet, the best part is being able to be inside.

Question: How long is the rope? Answer: The rope is 85ft.

Question: Can the motor be clocked? Can this beet set up for feet forward configuration? Answer: Hello,the motor can’t be clocked. It can set up for feet forward configuration.

Question: Can it be wired on a diesel truck? Answer: It can be wired on a diesel truck.You need to make sure that the car is using a 12V batter.

Question: Is there a cover made for this specifically? If not what are the actual dimensions? Answer: L×W×H=21.3″×6.3″×8.6″.

Question: What is the duty cycle of this winch? Answer: No time limited, but the motor needs to cool down if overheated.

Question: What is line speed? Answer: The speed of the line is related to the weight of the drag, the heavier ,the slower. The unloaded speed is 22 feet per minute.

Question: Is the brake located in the drum or is it in the gearbox to keep the heat away from the cable? Answer: The brake is located in the gearbox,so it can keep the heat away from the cable.

Question: Will this work for car hauler? Answer: Yes, it will work. You will also need to have a battery on the trailer to supply the amperage needed.

Question: What is the gearing system on this winch? Answer: 3-stage planetary gears. 265 – 1.

Question: Does it come with the winch plate? Answer: No, it doesn’t come with a winch plate but, you can get one ( part number RACK-A23 from Amazon Prime ) this winch plate will fit in a two-inch hitch receiver.

Question: Is it require any batteries? Answer: One 12V battery is required. You can connect it to the car battery.

Question: How many AMP does this draw? Answer: Hello,the current is 65A to 380A.

Question: Is it water resistant? Answer: Yes. Excellent 4×4 winch. Used it many times to recover other vehicles that went into deep water holes.

Question: What size circuit breaker should be installed with this winch? Answer: It comes with an in-line fuse, nothing else has been needed for you!

Question: Can I mount this on a trailer to winch a race car? Answer: Yes, you can mount it on a trailer but, it doesn’t come with a plate.

Question: Will it fit on a UTV? Answer: No, will not fit a UTV. It’s too large to mount directly; however, it will work if you use a winch cradle with a 2″ receiver. We recommend for an extra battery in the bed of your utv, then use the cradle mounted on the rear hitch.

Question: Are the planetary gears forged steel or an alloy? Answer: The planetary gears are forged steel.

Question: What’s the warranty on this product? Answer: It has a one year warranty. If there is a quality problem, The manufacturer will send you a new one or send you the accessories.

Question: What horse power motor used in this winch? Answer: 6.2HP.

Question: What is the line pull speed, loaded and unloaded? Answer: The unloaded speed is about 21.3ft per minute,the loaded speed is related to the weight of drag.

Question: How much does the winch weigh out of the box? Answer: Yes,the winch is really 60lbs.












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