X-BULL IP67 12V Electric Winch | 13000 lb Load Capacity | Free Shipping


You will  love this orange X-BULL heavy duty Jeep wrangler winch. This 13000 lb. winch has 26 meters of DYNEEMA synthetic cable. No bunching up! This winch is a awesome and the synthetic rope cable is far superior to steel cable. This electric winch comes with 2 wireless remote controllers and one hand controller. It is waterproof and comes with a heavy duty sealed contactor. Regardless of the terrain, getting stuck won’t ruin your day! We think this is a great electric Jeep winch.


Key Features:

  • Waterproof IP67 rating
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Contactor
  • 26 metres DYNEEMA SYNTHETIC cable
  • Power in and power out for positive load control
  • Comes in a unique, vibrant orange color
  • Max Line Pull: 13,000-pounds
  • Waterproof IP67 rating
  • Comes with an overload protector and a winch cover to protect against harsh weather conditions
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Contactor
  • Positive load control with power in and out
  • Clutch Lever
  • Power: Requires two 12V Alkaline batteries to function
  • Item Weight: 63.2-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 24 x 13.8 x 10 inches
  • 1 year (winch rope is not included)

Features Overview:

The X-BULL 12V is one of the most unique winches you can get for your Jeep. It is not often you find a professional reviewer like myself having a hard time categorizing products. This X-BULL winch is one of those rare products. This is because the characteristics of this winch are all over the place. But this mixture of characteristics is not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, in the case of the X-BULL winch, this mixture of characteristics is a positive thing. How so? The manufacturers of this X-BULL took the best attributes of winches and created one of the best winches in the form of this 12V model. Faced with the conundrum of creating a unique winch, the manufacturers of the X-BULL 12V created one of the most powerful witches on the market but slapped a meager price on it.

Typically, a 13,000-pound winch is considered a high-end/premium winch among off-road enthusiasts. But if you take that winch and give it the price of an entry-level/novice winch, it becomes hard to classify the wrench into one group.

That said, you don’t care about these details. You are more interested in finding out if the X-BULL 12V is worth the risk. Simple. The answer is a resounding, “YES!” How can you not fall in love with its vibrant orange color? That color alone will earn your Jeep points on the “cool car” board.


Pros and Cons:


  • Extremely impressed with quality of winch and ease of use
  • the synthetic rope/cable is far superior to steel cable.
  • Can be use 13000 lb. Load Capacity
  • Great price point for big pulling winch.
  • Very easy to installation
  • 1 year worry free warranty

  • Parallel fuse block needs a mounting or insulation as it has a lot of open metal that’s “hot”





Package Includes:

  • 13000LBS DC 12V Winch × 1
  • Clevis Hook × 1
  • et of Bolts × 1
  • Set of Wire Cables × 1
  • Control Box × 1
  • Wireless Remote Controller × 2
  • Hand Remote Controller × 1
  • User Manual ×1
  • Overload protection device × 1
  • Winch cover ×1

Additional Information:

  • Brand: X-BULL
  • Item Weight: 63.2 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 24 x 13.8 x 10 inches
  • Batteries Required: 2 12V batteries


Who should use this winch?

When you’re exploring off-road in your 4 wheeler, plowing through mud bogs, charging up sandy hills, and fording across streams, getting stuck is only a matter of when, not if. But when your truck, Jeep or SUV is equipped tith this  X-BULL powerful winches, getting stuck won’t ruin your day. You’ll be able to pull free, keep moving on and having fun regardless of the terrain, so getting stuck will become just another part of the adventure.


X-BULL IP67  12V Electric Winch (FAQ)

Question: Does this winch have standard bolt pattern?

Answer: Yes.

Question: will rope unravel in time?

Answer: I’ve used it quite a bit pulling logs across my creeks and also pulling honeysuckle stumps. The rope hasn’t frayed at all. I’ve maxed it out a couple times by chaining my truck to a tree. Still no frays. The only problem I’ve had is pulling too much out and not having a full wrap on the drum.

Question: How is this different from the one with a blue synthetic rope? 

Answer: Should be same poundage just a different color. Some people might not like the orange color.

Question: How’s the warranty?

Answer: 1 year (winch rope is not included)

Question: is this orange winch waterproof and sealed motor?

Answer: It has IP67 rating. It is waterproof and has a sealed motor.

Question: What is the rated duty cycle on this winch?

Answer: I don’t know I think the Info is on the web sight sorry I couldn’t of been of more help

Question: Works in a F150 2009?

Answer: Yes it will work on ur 150 mine pulls my f250 diesel when I got stuck in the mud.



Final verdict:

This is a Fantastic winch at affordable price by X-BULL. You can even load up to 13000 lb. in any situations. This winch uses Waterproof IP67 rating that help you to protect your winch. This winch is very durable. This winch is a best for for your vehicle to to pull up to 13000 lb.






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